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Pampered Pet Boarding

Just as you like to be pampered on vacation, so do your pets. We have the utmost regard for sanitation, nutrition and safety. Our winning combination of exercise and tender-loving care provides a healthy, stress-reduced environment which makes your pets eager to stay again and again. We have been providing individualized loving care since 1984.

Each pet has its own individual indoor-outdoor run which measures 4' x 7' inside, 4' x 17' outside. Your pet's 'home away from home' is well lit and climate controlled with air-conditioning and heating when necessary. But we always consider the benefits of fresh air. Our special exhaust systems provide a healthy, fresh air exchange. 

Safety is assured with 24-hour monitoring and electronic fire- and security-alarms. For additional security we are equipped with an emergency back up generator to ensure that there will be continuous operation of essential equipment.

For a relaxing atmosphere, music is piped in around the clock. And, for further peace of mind, we are located in flood zone five.

All details pertaining to your pet are entered into our computer system which produces detailed printed instructions on every aspect of your pet. Your pet's individual dietary, medical and exercise needs are carefully followed by our trained staff. Each dog is played with individually during the afternoon play times and given a 'cookie break.'


Feline Housing

These furry friends are completely separated from the canine housing for security and privacy. The cattery features individual compartments and suites for singles and cat families. Each cat is provided with a 'condo' that has scratching posts and resting benches on which to climb and sleep. The cats can watch the activities of our visitors but be free of the clamor of our canine residents. The piped-in music is a soothing distraction.


Birds & Others

We will gladly care for your birds and other assorted friends -- from the tiniest finches, hoppiest bunnies and curliest lambs. Please supply the proper diet for your friends and we will gladly refrigerate it for freshness. Sorry, we do not board spiders, snakes or other reptiles.


Pet Supplies

Discounted pet supplied such as Nutro pet diets are available. For those clients who prefer an all natural diet we have Wysong and Innova pet products. We carry Adams' products and other name-brand, high quality pet supplies and chew toys. 

We will also special order and quote any items carried by our suppliers at 10% over invoice.



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